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What was the name of the four-engined main heavy bomber used by the RAF from 1942 on?
Besides the 'Spitfire', which other fighter aicraft played a major role on the Battle of Britain 1940?
Which city in Saxony Germany was controversially destroyed by RAF and USAAF bombers 10-13 Feb 1945?
In which country were British and Commonwealth POW's forced to work on an infamous 'Death Railway' in 1942-43?
From which commune in northern France was the British Expeditionary Force evacuated in May 1940?
What name was given to the combat units formed in June 1940 that carried out raids against German-occupied Europe?
British, Nepalese and Indian soldiers fought hand to hand against the Japanese in the 'Tennis Court Battle', part of which battle in northeast India April-May 1944?
Name either of the two D-Day beaches attacked by predominantly British forces in 1944
Which Royal Navy flagship and battlecruiser was sunk by the German battleship Bismarck in the Denmark Strait on 24 May 1941?
Who drew up the overall 90 day plan for the Battle of Normandy 1944 ending with the reaching of the river Seine?
Against which German city was the first 1,000 bomber raid conducted on 30-31 May 1942?
What nickname was given to Royal Air Force 617 Squadron following the famous 'Operation Chastise' on 16–17 May 1943?
Which special forces regiment was founded by David Stirling in July 1941?
Which city in Malaya infamously fell to Japanese forces on 15 Feb 1942?
What was the name of the Nazi code machine broken by British and Polish mathematicians at Bletchley Park?
The bridge of which Dutch city on the river Rhine did British led forces attempt to capture in 'Operation Market Garden' Sept 1944?
Which organisation founded 22 July 1940 recruited agents to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe?
What name was given to the troops who operated deep behind Japanese lines in Far East campaigns during WWII?
Which Libyan port beseiged for 240 days was relieved by the 8th Army during Operation Crusader beginning 27 Nov 1941?
Name either the battleship or battlecruiser sunk by Japanese dive-bombers off Malaya 10 Dec 1941
What nickname was given to the British multinational Fourteenth Army led by Lieutenant General William Slim during the Burma Campaign 1942-45?
In wnich major battle did Bernard Montgomery defeat Erwin Rommel in Egypt Oct–Nov 1942?
What name was given to the aircraft detection and tracking system developed by Robert Watson-Watt beginning 1935?
In which Algerian port did the Royal Navy attack a French naval squadron on 3 July 1940, 16 days after the French surrender to Nazi Germany?
What nickname was given to the 7th Armoured Division which fought in most major battles during the North African Campaign?

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