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QUIZ: Can you name the Kings and Queens from how they died?

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This Anglo-Saxon king was stabbed to death at a feast in his own hall
This Anglo-Saxon king was murdered at Corfe Castle
This Scots king was defeated and killed by MacBeth
This Danish king of England dropped dead whilst drinking a toast
This king was killed at the Battle of Hastings
This king was killed hunting in the New Forest
This king died after eating 'a surfeit of lampreys'
This king was killed by a crossbow bolt
This Scots king was killed when his horse fell off a cliff
This deposed king was possibly killed with a red hot poker
This Scots king is supposed to have died of leprosy
This deposed king was murdered in Pontefract Castle
This king died of dysentery in France
This deposed king was executed/murdered in the Tower of London
This young king disappeared
This king was killed at the Battle of Bosworth
This Scots king was killed at the battle of Flodden Field
This wife of Henry VIII was executed for adultery
This wife of Henry VIII was executed for adultery
This king died, possibly of tubercolosis, aged 16
This non-crowned Queen was executed aged 17
This deposed Scots Queen was executed
This king was executed at Whitehall
This king died blind and deaf
This Queen died aged 81

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