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Forced Order
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Charles I became king and married which French Catholic in 1625?
Charles re-issued Elizabeth I's 'The (number) Articles' into the Church of England in 1628, seen as evidence of the king's Catholic leanings?
Parliament formed a committee of grievances and prepared which petition which Charles reluctantly signed in 1628?
Charles did not call another Parliament until 1640, what is this period called?
Who was Charles' favourite and Chief Minister, murdered in 1628?
Which tax introduced in 1634 and usually levied only on maritime counties, did Charles try to levy on all counties?
Which Catholic leaning person did Charles appoint Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633?
In 1638 Charles demanded that which prayer book be used in the Scottish Kirk causing a Scots rebellion?
In April 1640 Charles recalled Parliament to raise money for the Scots War, but was forced to dissolve it in three weeks. What is this Parliament called?
Defeated by the Scots, in November 1640 Charles recalled Parliament and was forced to agree to its terms. Not technically dismissed until 1660, what is this Parliament called?
Which of Charles' leading supporters was impeached and executed 12th May 1641?
Which document of 1641 by John Pym listed Parliament's grievances against the King since his reign began?
Parliament issued 'The (number) Propositions' in June 1642 in the hopes of reaching a settlement with the king?
Unmoved, Charles formally declared war by raising his standard at which city in August 1642?
The first battle of the Civil War occured where in Warwickshire in October 1642?
Parliament defeated the Royalists in the largest battle of the war where in Yorkshire in July 1644?
Which full time professional army was formed by the Parliamentarians in 1645?
The Parliamentarians won the decisive battle of the war near which village in Northamptonshire in 1645?
Which Parliamentary soldier played a decisive role in this victory by routing the royalist cavalry?
Who was Charles' initially successfull nephew who commanded the royalist cavalry?
Charles was imprisoned, escaped to the Isle of Wight, recaptured and held where?
Who physically 'purged' the Long Parliament of supporters of Charles on 6th December 1648?
What name is given to the Parliament of the remaining members?
Charles was tried for treason and executed outside which palace in Januay 1649?
Charles' son, the future Charles II, attempted to regain the throne but was defeated at which battle of 1651?

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