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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'D'?

Quiz Updated Jun 13, 2016

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Which flower commonly has a yellow center and white petals?
Which flower of the family Asteraceae has an English name taken from the French for 'lion's tooth'?
Which dog of German origin is also known as a 'sausage dog'?
'Terrible Lizard' is a term used to describe which large extinct reptiles?
What common name is given to the spring-flowering plant Narcissus?
What name is given to a male duck?
Which small sweet fruit has been a staple food of the Middle East and Indus Valley for centuries?
What name is given to a female antelope, deer or rabbit?
Which flightless bird native to Mauritius became extinct in the 1660s?
Which long-hibernating agile rodent with a hairy or bushy tail is found mostly in Europe?
Which small toothed whale is well-known for its sociable nature and high intelligence?
Which large white dog has short hair with dark spots?
Which small sand-colored bottom-dwelling shark with a long tail is common on European coasts?
What name is given to a sandy-colored wild dog found in Australia?
Which ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae includes the elk, chital and moose?
Which insect can fly forwards, backwards and hover, and is usually found around marshes, ponds and wetlands?
Which large, intelligent, alert and loyal companion dog is known as a '........' Pinscher'?
Which type of beetle feeds partly or exclusively on feces?
What name is given to a camel with one hump?
Which bird of the pigeon family is associated with devotion, purity and peace?
What name is given to male bee, especially a honeybee?

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