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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'D'.

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Who was the naturalist 1809-82 who wrote 'On the Origin of the Species' published 1859?
Which writer 1812-70 wrote the novels 'Oliver Twist' and 'A Tale of Two Cities'?
Which mariner circumnavigated the globe 1577-80 and fought against the Spanish Armada of 1588?
Who was Prime Minister of the UK 1868 and again 1874-80?
What was the real name of Lewis Caroll, author of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'?
Who was the chemist 1778-1829 who discovered chlorine and invented a miner's safety lamp in 1815?
Who was the poet and playwright 1631-1700 made Poet Laureate in 1668?
Which town in Kent is the site of a castle founded in the 12th century and known as the 'Key to England'?
Which manuscript compiled by William I 1085-86 records the wealth of England?
Who was the Earl of Leicester c.1532-88, Elizabeth I's favourite and alleged lover?
Which heroine helped rescue survivors from the shipwrecked 'Forfarshire' in 1838?
Which coastal town in Devon was sacked twice by the French during the 100 Years War?
Who was the 17th Earl of Oxford 1550-1604 who is often said to be the real author of Shakespeare's works (Edward de .....)?
Which ironmaster built the first ever iron bridge in 1779 crossing the river Severn?
Who was the first Englishman c.1651-1715 to explore parts of Australia and the first man to circumnavigate the world three times?
Who was the mathematician, alchemist, and astrologer to Elizabeth I?
At which battle in Scotland 1650 during the English Civil War did Oliver Cromwell rout the Scots under David Leslie, Lord Newark?
Which courtier was executed 1541 for having a pre-marital affair with Henry VIII's wife Catherine Howard?
George II was the last king to lead troops at which battle of 1743 during the War of the Austrian Succession?
Who was the Earl of Essex and favourite of Elizabeth I executed for treason in 1601?

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