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Which African country was originally founded by British philanthropists as the 'Province of Freedom' for freed slaves in 1787?
Which African country was founded for freed slaves from the USA in 1820?
Which European country ceased to exist between 1938-45?
Which country claims to have had an emperor since 660 BC?
The Gilbert Islands are the main part of which Oceaniac country?
In which present day country did Christopher Columbus land in 1492?
Which European country reestablished its monarchy in 1975 after a hiatus of 44 years?
Explorer Jacques Cartier claimed which country for France in the 1500s?
Which South American country is known as the 'Land of Silver'?
Which country emerged from the core of the Ottoman Empire following its collapse after WWI?
Which country fought the 'Football War' with El Salvador in 1969?
In which present day country was Ferdinand Magellan killed in 1521?
The Mughals ruled over which Asian country from around 1526-1827?
Which country was the first to declare itself independent of the Soviet Union on 9 April 1991?
Which South American country was conquered by Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro in 1532?
Which is the only South American country to be a member of the Commonwealth of Nations?
Which country was known as Cathay in medieval times?
Which Asian country was ruled by the Khmer Rouge from 1975-79?
Which country was subject to the 'Reign of Terror' 1793-94?
The House of Grimaldi has ruled which European country since 1297?
The 'Golden Horde' originated from which Asian country?
The Māori are the indigenous people of which Oceaniac country?
Which European country is known as Suomi by its native residents?
Giuseppe Garibaldi is credited with the unification of which European country in 1861?
Which country was subject to the October Revolution of 1917?

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