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QUIZ: Can you name the British military commanders from the following clues?

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Which Welsh Prince of Wales led the Welsh in a revolt against English rule 1400-15?
Which Lieutenant General was heavily criticised for surrrendering Singapore to Japanese forces in Feb 1942?
Which WWI General captured Beersheba, Gaza and Jerusalem and won the Battle of Megiddo 1918?
Which King defeated the Great Heathen Army led by the Viking Guthrum at the Battle of Edington 878?
Which General surrendered at the Siege of Yorktown 1781 effectively ending the American Revolution?
Which Field Marshall commanded the British Expeditionary Force from 1915 to the end of WWI?
Which Duke won the battles of Blenheim, Ramillies and Malplaquet during the War of the Spanish Succession?
Which Major-General was killed during the Mahdist War at the Siege of Khartoum in the Sudan 1885?
Which military commander and Constable of France was killed in the last battle of the 100 Years War, Castillon 1453?
Which General was defeated at the Battle of Saratoga 1777 during the American Revolution?
Who was Air Chief Marshall RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain 1940?
Who defeated the future King Charles II in the final battle of the English Civil War at Worcester 1651?
Which Major General famous for his relief of Kandahar 1880 in the 2nd Afghan War was given a State Funeral in 1914?
Which Duke and Field Marshall won the Battle of Waterloo in 1815?
Which Prince of Wales won the Battle of Poitiers in 1356 during the 100 Years War?
Who won the Battle of Bunker Hill 1775 and became CIC of British forces until 1778 during the American Revolution?
Which Major General won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec) in 1759 during the Seven Years War?
Who was CIC of the Parliamentarians who defeated King Charles I at the Battle of Naseby 1645 in the English Civil War?
Along with co-leader Andrew Moray, which Scot defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297?
Which Major-General of the East India Company won the Battle of Plassey in India 1757?
Which Field Marshall won the 2nd Battle of El Alamein 1942 and was CIC of all allied land forces D-Day 1944?

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