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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'B'?

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What name is given to an uncastrated domestic male swine?
Monarch, Painted Lady, and Speckled Wood are common types of which insect?
Which primarily nocturnal rodent is known for building dams?
What name is given to a pollinating insect that produces a buzzing sound as it flies?
Which fast-growing member of the grass family is the main food of the giant panda?
Which type of muscular, wrinkly dog includes English, American, and French breeds?
Which whale, found primarily in the Arctic, is also called the White Whale?
What is the common name for several carrion-eating birds, (as well as a kind of large hawk)?
Which small African nocturnal primates are also known as Galagos?
Flying Fox, Horseshoe, and Pipistrelle are types of which flying mammal?
Which large breed of dog is often used to track escaped prisoners or missing people?
Which nocturnal omnivore lives underground in burrows called 'setts'?
Which saltwater game fish is known for its large size and fearsome appearance?
Which terrestrial primates have dog-like muzzles, sharp teeth, and short tails?
Which popular pet bird, often referred to as a parakeet, originated in Australia?
Which small to medium-sized dog is used to track rabbits and other small game?
Which filter-feeding shark is named for its habit of often appearing in warmer, sunlit surface waters?
Which tree known as the 'upside-down tree' is found in Africa and Madagascar?
Which omnivorous marsupials are endemic to the Australia-New Guinea region?
Which birds are often cited as the heaviest living flying animals?

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