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Can you name the people and events of Anglo-Saxon England?

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The largest Viking invasion army ever was defeated by Harold Godwinson at which 1066 battle?
Which king of Mercia was killed at the Battle of the Winwaed in 655?
Which king was the second eldest son of King Cnut, the eldest becoming King of Norway?
Alfred the Great defeated Guthrum's Great Heathen Army at which battle of 878?
Which king was murdered at Corfe Castle in 978 allegedley on the orders of his stepmother?
Who was declared King of England on Christmas Day 1013?
Which Dane became king of England in 1016?
Which northeastern city was a major city in the Viking empire for over 100 years?
What name was given to the areas of north, central and eastern England controlled by the Danes after c886?
Whose conquest of the last remaining Viking kingdom, York, in 927, allowed him to claim the title of 'king of the English'?
A raid in 793 on which island off the Northumberland coast is taken as the starting point of the Viking Age?
Which king persistently paid off the Danes via payments called Danegeld?
What was the nickname of the Dane Eric Haraldsson, twice King of Northumbria c947–948 and 952–954?
Alfred the Great was king of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom?
Which king dropped dead whilst drinking a toast in 1042?
Offa of Offa's Dyke fame was king of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom?
Which nortorious traitor served Ethelred the Unready?
Who was proclaimed, but never crowned, King of England in 1066?
Which king was stabbed to death by an exiled thief at a feast in 946?
What name was given to a king who gained control of some or all other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms?

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