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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'A'?

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The most widely grown species of which fruit tree is of the genus Malus?
Which mammal has a name that means 'little armored one' in Spanish?
The bite of which small southern European viper famously killed Cleopatra?
Spiders and scorpions come under which class of arthropod?
Which snake of the boa family may grow to a great size and is native to tropical South America?
Which long-haired domesticated South American mammal resembling a small llama is valued for its wool?
Which river, lake and swamp dwelling predatory reptile derives its name from Spanish term for 'the lizard'?
Which juicy soft fruit of an orange-yellow color resembles a small peach?
Which large seabird ranges widely in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific?
Which African ant-eating nocturnal mammal is also called an antbear?
Which domesticated normally white goat produces fleece called mohair?
Gemsbok, Impala and Sable are all types of which ruminant mammal?
Which small saltwater forage fish is often used as a strongly flavoured commercial food fish?
Which small fox with a thick coat that turns white in winter is found on the tundra of North America and Eurasia?
What name is given to any bug, such as blackfly or greenfly, that sucks sap from plants?
Which large dog distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat is known as the '......' hound?
Which tree of the genus Fraxinus has seeds popularly known as 'helicopter seeds'?
Maples belong to which genus of tree?
Which small Eurasian viper has a dark zigzag pattern on its back and bears live young?
By what other name is a German Shepherd Dog known?
Which fish preys on land-based insects by shooting them with water droplets from its mouth?

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