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To greatly extend their control of Manchuria, Japan made Twenty-One Demands to this country18th January
This type of rigid airship, named for a German Count, bombed the coastal towns of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in England19th January
This controversial film premiered in Los Angeles and was the highest-grossing film for around 25 years8th February
This film, in which Charlie Chaplin plays a heroic hobo, was released11th April
The beginning of the Second Battle of this Flemish town saw the first large scale use of poison gas on the Western Front22nd April
This ill-fated allied campaign named after a peninsula in Turkey began25th April
This famous WWI poem was written by Canadian soldier John McCrae3rd May
This famous MLB player hit his first career home run for the Boston Red Sox6th May
This British liner was sunk by a U-Boat off southern Ireland with losses of 1,195 lives including 128 Americans7th May
This British Prime Minister formed his second ministry, an all-party coalition17th May
This country declared war on Austria-Hungary and joined the Allies24th May
This General of the Mexican Revolution was defeated by General Obregón at León in Mexico3rd June
The USA began the occupation of this Caribbean nation to safeguard the interests of US corporations28th July
A hurricane severely damaged this Texan city 15 years after a similar event in 19005th August
A prototype of this military machine was first tested by the British Army6th September
This British nurse was executed by a German firing squad for helping Allied soldiers escape from Belgium12th October
William Morris Hughes became the 7th Prime Minister of this country27th October
William J. Simmons revived this Civil War era racist organization at Stone Mountain, Georgia24th November
This British White Star liner, sister ship of the Titanic and Olympic, was acquisitioned as a hospital ship13th November
This German born theoretical physicist formulated the general theory of relativity25th November

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