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Adolf Hitler moved from Vienna to which city?May
Raymond Poincaré was inaugurated as President of which country? 18th Februay
Of which state was King Otto deposed by his cousin Prince Regent Ludwig?5th November
The 2nd Balkan War began when Greece and Serbia were attacked by which country? 16th June
Which painting by da Vinci was returned from Italy two years after it was stolen? 30th December
Which skyscraper in New York City, then the tallest building in the world, was opened? 24th April
Which future President of the USA was born?9th January
Igor Stravinsky's ballet 'The Rite of Spring' provoked a riot when premiered in which city?29th May
Who gave $100m to the philanthropic organization founded by and named after himself?14th March
Joseph Cook became the 6th Prime Minister of which country? 24th June
Menelik II died, of which country was he Emperor?12th December
The building of which city began in Australia? 12th March
The first moving assembly line was introduced by which motor company? 1st December
George I of which country was assassinated?18th March
The UK government's House of Lords rejected the 3rd Home Rule Bill for which country three times?Jan, Mar, July
Who was inaugurated as President of the USA? 4th March
Mongolia signed a treaty with which other country proclaiming mutual recognition of their independence from China?January
The Great Dayton Flood killed over 360 people and destroyed 20,000 homes in which US state? 21st-26th March
In which country was Mohandas Gandhi arrested while leading a march of Indian miners? 6th November
Which Mediterranean island was annexed by Greece?1st December

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