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Forced Order
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Name the Prohibitionist Vice Presidential candidate 1884?
What two men led the attack on the HMS Gaspee in 1772
Who was the US Secretary of State during the Virginius Affair?
What treaty ended the Italian wars of 1551-1559 and restored the Spanish Netherlands to Spain?
Who ran for president as a prohibitionist in 1884?
Who was the brutal military commander Philip II used to crush a Protestant revolt in the Spanish Netherlands?
What prohibitionist mayor of Portland, Maine ordered his militia to open fire on a rioting mob during the Portland Rum Riot in 1855?
Who wrote the Devil and Billy Markham in 1979?
Name the term for Javanese saints, the most famous of which was Sunan Kalijaga?
What class of warships did the US build in response to the Virginius Affair?

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