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Can you name the Characters of Dickens' David Copperfield?

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Who is this?nameselect for hint
born with a caul
Dies with her second childinnocent as a child
his mother's servantsame first name as mother
found out he bitesM
always in blackB
“Tell `er, _______ is willing!”nothing but old clothes in there
master of the Yarmouth boathousesearches for daughter-figure
gives his life to save an enemyDan'l's Nephew
father is drowned-deaddavid is sweet on her as a child
She's been thinking of the old una lone, lorn creetur, g
Master at Salem HouseC
Assistant at Salem HouseT
it was discovered that his mother was on the doleM
spoiled rottenruns off with an engaged woman
Drew skeletons on his slateTr
inmate in debtor's prisonM
“I never will leave him!”M
a fellow roomer at the house in financial straitsno parents either
An early work colleague MP
Who is this?nameselect for hint
Sworn enemy of donkeysB
assistant donkey-chaseJ
King Charles I is in his headD
David's landlord as an adultS
Prevents David's first love affairDavid's early employer
holds the pensdies in childbirth
fears her husband suspects herAS
in love with a married womanJM
The Old SoldierM
victim of a hammer throwRD
the spoilerS
shouldn't drink so muchlawyer to Betsey Trotwood
never suspected his wife; too busyS
Just be Umble, son!H
red headed, thin villainUH
she does hairshort, M
helpful prostituteME
never felt like his sisterthe 2nd Mrs. Copperfield

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