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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about the USA television series Psych??

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Forced Order
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What type of 'fake' business do best friends Shawn and Gus own?
In what city do Shawn and Gus live?
How old were Shawn and Gus when they met?
What fruit appears or is mentioned in every episode?
What is Shawn and Gus's favorite decade?
From whom did Shawn learn his 'gift'?
What is Gus's full name?
What is Gus's 'real' job?
Who is chief of the SBPD?
What is the nickname of Gus's car?
What type of vehicle does Shawn own?
Which is NOT an interest of head detective Carlton Lassiter? Civil War, guns, football, fishing
Which is NOT one of Gus's interests? safe cracking, comic books, tap dancing, painting
What does Shawn call detective Lassiter?
Where did Shawn first meet junior detective Juliet O'Hara?
What does Shawn call detective O'Hara?
Where did Juliet live before she was hired by the SBPD?
Who did Shawn date before finally getting together with Juliet?
What is the first name of officer McNab?
What is the name of the 'serial killer' who developed an unhealthy crush on young Shawn?
What is retired officer Henry Spencer's pastime?
What does Shawn's mom do for a living?
Which was NOT an undercover role of Juliet? sorority girl, model, roller derby girl, wife and mother
What is the name of the SBPD's quirky coroner?

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