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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about the USA series Psych?

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What does Shawn believe is his best physical feature?
What are Shawn and Gus's super hero identities when they take on The Mantis?
What deadly virus is misplaced by biomedical courier Donny Leiberman?
Mr. Yin casts Shawn, Gus, and their friends in real-life recreations of classic movies by what director?
What animal do Shawn and Gus steal from the zoo when it is wrongfully accused of murder?
What word did Gus misspell in his childhood spelling bee?
What is the name of Gus's ex-wife?
Who is the father of Serena's baby in Santa Barbara's most popular Spanish soap opera?
In what city do Shawn and Gus nab the art thief Pierre Despereaux?
What is the name of Shawn and Gus's favorite dish, which they learned about from pathological liar Ryan Bainsworth?
Shawn and Gus attend a funeral for what animal?
What are Shawn and Gus's favorite brand of pretzels?
What urban legend did Shawn and Gus start as children?
How does Detective Lassiter take his coffee?
What was Juliet's roller derby name?
Who was Shawn's pinata at summer camp?
What TV show is spoofed in the episode 'Dual Spires'
What is the name of Shawn and Gus' childhood summer camp?
What pastime does Shawn suggest for Mary Lightly to replace his obsession with Mr. Yang?
How many jobs did Shawn have before starting Psych?
What is the name of the old west town that Shawn and Gus try to save?
What song did Shawn and Gus perform for their American Duos audition?
What condition does Shawn say he suffers from and that caused him to see a sports psychologist?
What did Shawn have hidden inside his Nintendo DS?
What is the name of Gus's college singing group?
What creature does Stuart Gimbly say that he is when he asks Shawn and Gus for help?
What item does Shawn steal from the home of Ambassador Fanshaw?
What villian did Psych fans help Shawn and Gus catch in season 6's online interactive game?

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