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Can you name the actor or actress who played the following guest-starring roles on the USA series Psych?

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Detective Goochberg1.15 Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
Nigel St. Nigel2.1 American Duos
Gus's Uncle Burton Guster2.6 Meat is Murder, But Murder is also Murder
Byrd Tatums2.9 Bounty Hunters!
Irving Parker (Lassie's father-in-law)2.14 Dis-lodged
Emily Bloom2.15 A Crime of Fashion
Madeleine Spencer (Shawn's Mom)3.1 Ghosts, 3.16 An Evening with Mr. Yang, 5.16 Yang 3 in 2D
Abigail Lytar3.2 Murder?...Anyone?...Anyone?...Beuller?, 3.16 An Evening with Mr. Yang, 4.2 He Dead, 4.6 Bollywood Homicide, 4.10 You Can't Handle This Episode, 4.16 Mr. Yin Presents
Shawn's Uncle Jack3.4 The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable
Commander Barbara Dunlap (Chief Vick's sister)3.6 There Might be Blood
Commander Cameron Luntz3.8 Gus Walks into a Bank
Phil Stubbins3.8 Gus Walks into a Bank
Winnie Guster (Gus's Mom)2.10 Gus's Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy, 3.9 Christmas Joy,
Coach Sammy Winslow3.13 Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central
Victoria Parker (Lassie's ex-wife)3.15 Tuesday the 17th
Mr. Yang3.16 An Evening with Mr. Yang, 4.16 Mr. Yin Presents, 5.16 Yang 3 in 2D
Mary Lightly3.16 An Evening with Mr. Yang, 4.16 Mr. Yin Presents, 5.16 Yang 3 in 2D
Pierre Desperaeux4.1 Extradition: British Columbia, 5.10 Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
Alice Clayton4.2 He Dead
Sheriff Hank Mendel4.3 High Noon-ish
Father Peter Westley4.4 The Devil is in the Details…And the Upstairs Bedroom, 5.12 Dual Spires
Joon4.7 High Top Fade Out
Tony4.7 High Top Fade Out
Willow Gimbly4.8 Lets Get Hairy
Ewan O'Hara (Juliet's brother)4.10 You Can't Handle This Episode
J.T. Waring4.11 A Very Juliet Episode
Dr. Steven Reidman4.12 Death is in the Air
Dennis Gogolack5.3 Not Even Close…Encounters
Clive Prescott5.4 Chivalry is Not Dead, But Someone is
retired Detective Boone5.6 Viagra Falls
retired Detective Peters5.6 Viagra Falls
Declan Rand5.8 Shawn 2.0, 5.9 One, Maybe Two Ways Out
twins Catherine and Maddie Bicks5.8 Shawn 2.0
Bob Barker5.12 Dual Spires
Maudette Hornsby5.12 Dual Spires
Dr. Donna Gooden5.12 Dual Spires
Officer Nick Conforth5.13 We'd Like to Thank the Academy
Stranjay Guster (Gus's wife in Shawn's dream)5.14 The Polarizing Express
Alison Crowley5.16 Yang 3 in 2D
Ambassador Fanshaw6.1 Shawn Rescues Darth Vader
Marlowe Viccelio6.3 This Episode Sucks
Thorn the bartender6.3 This Episode Sucks
Officer Reynolds (the new guy)6.4 The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue No. 2
Mel Hornsby6.5 Dead Man's Curveball
Nurse McElroy6.6 Shawn Interrupted
Frank O'Hara (Juliet's dad)6.7 In for a Penny…
Eli6.8 The Tao of Gus
Clive6.9 Neil Simon's Lovers Retreat

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