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Can you name the Dynasties of the Three Roman Empires?

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Founding YearDynastyHint
44 BCE / 31 BCE / 27 BCEWicked Wives
69 CEAmphitheatre
96 CESterility as Virtue?
193 CE'Troubled'
238 CEIt's going to get bumpy.
249 CEThey (Is that a hard 'c'?)
251 CEDon't (From France, maybe?)
253 CELast (Shapur's Footstool)
282 CELong (Vroom Vroom)
293 CE / 305 CE / 306 CEA New Capital
364 CEFraternal harmony...sort of.
379 CESometimes w/ the former.
457 CERawr
518 CENika!
Founding YearDynastyHint
610 CETriumph Over Persia
711 CEIconoclasm, Round I
802 CETragically Ironic Name
820 CEAmoral to Iconodules
867 CEBasil, Constantine & Romanos, LLC
1057 CEBetter in their later years.
1059 CEManzikert
1185 CENo Angels
1204 CEAway From Home
1261 CEFeuding until the end.
1283 CERushin' Russians
1613 CEBolsheviks Hate 'Em

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