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English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
Follow the prescribed order; keep to conventional ways of doing things
Get along with; peaceful coexistence
To be law-abiding
Adopt an original approach ; try to be different
Knitted brows ; worried look; morose
Calm ; unhurried ; leisurely
Play the lute to a cow - choose the wrong audience
to be unconscious; to be in a coma; to lie like a log; to lose consciousness
To use powerful connections to intimidate people; lit. the fox exploits the tiger's might
Guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.) ; a home from home
English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
To obey no law; to play gangster; to take the law into one's own hands
Year in year out ; over the years
Not engage in honest work ; ignore one's proper occupation ; not attend to one's properduties
Sweet but insincere words; flowery language
Reap without sowing ; profit by other people's toil
By hook or by crook ; unscrupulously
To beat the grass and frighten away the snake - act rashly and alert the enemy
All-embracing ; all-inclusive
Hearsay ; rumor ; gossip
High-principled; open and aboveboard; just and honorable; frank and righteous; without artifice

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