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English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
To turn a deaf ear to; to pretend not to hear
To suddenly have a bright idea; to be struck by a brainwave
Frank criticism is hard to swallow; lit. good medicine tastes bitter
To set an example; to serve as a model
Love me, love my dog; lit. love the house and its crow
Hypocritical and malignant; lit. honeyed words, a sword in the belly
To be at a loss what to do; to feel helpless; to be at wits' end
To treat everyone equally favourably; to be impartial
Rarity of rarities; lit. phoenix feathers and unicorn horns
Countless; lit. as numerous as cow hair
To make the same mistake again; lit. to follow the track of an overturned cart
To be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears
English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
Frank and outspoken; straight speaking; to say what one thinks
To be grateful for one's blessings; lit. when you drink water, think of its source
To skimp; to work half-heartedly; to not bother
Arrogant; self-important; to have a big head
To talk irresponsibly ; wag one's tongue too freely ; talk nonsense
To find decisive solutions to problems; to split bamboo with a big knife chop (leaving the minor details to clear up later)
Forever; as long as the world shall last
To have mutual affinity; to be kindred spirits
To puff out one's chest with pride; to be on one's high horse; to be arrogant
To persist in your own wrong doings; Obstinately stick to a wrong course; to refuse to come to one's senses
To have a very narrow view; lit. to look at the sky from the bottom of a well
To move at a snail's pace

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