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English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
To know one's place; to abide by the law and behave oneself
Happy and excited; in high spirits; in great delight
To fail completely; a crushing defeat
To view death as a return home; not afraid of dying; to face death with equanimity
Practice makes perfect
With calculated unhurried steps; slowly and methodically
To be too far behind to catch up; too inferior to bear comparison; lit. so far behind that one can only see the dust of the rider ahead
A thousand articles, one law; stereotyped and repetitive; once you've seen one, you've seen them all
As close as one's hands and feet; loving one another as brothers; closely attached to one another
Very easy; no effort at all; lit. easy as a hand's turn
Word and actions coincide; to live up to one's word; to practice what you preach.
Specious; seeming; paradoxical; apparently right but actually wrong;
To get twice the result with half the effort
Duplicity; to say yes and mean no; to say one thing and mean another
Hidebound by convention; to stick to established practice; to be rigid
One's strength does not match one's ambitions
To keep watch and defend one another; to join forces to defend against external aggressors
To know sth. like the palm of one's hand; to be thoroughly familiar with
To be changed or distorted beyond recognition
To give up one's own interests for the sake of others; to sacrifice oneself for (or on behalf of) others; to risk one's life for another
English DefinitionChengyuPinyin
To be plain sailing; to go smoothly; lit. single sail, gentle wind
Earnest and well-meaning advice; to persuade patiently
No one picks up and pockets anything lost on the road; descriptive of a high moral standard in society
Not a sound to be heard; all is quiet; lit. ten thousand pipes are still
To do evil; to do wrongful acts; to commit all sorts of crimes
To repeat what everyone says; a 'parrot'
To be very scared and on edge; to have one's heart in one's mouth
For better or for worse; To stick together through thick and thin
Not enough to satisfy everyone; lit. There are too many (Buddhist) monks and too little gruel.
Pouring out words in a steady flow; talking endlessly
When the water subsides the rocks emerge; the whole thing comes to light
To think three times then act; don't act before you've thought it through carefully
The whole world or nation joins in jubilation; universal or national celebration
In the right and selfconfident; bold and confident; to have the courage of one's convictions
To stand by with folded arms; to look on without lifting a finger
To be ungrateful and fail to be righteous;
Everything clear and orderly; neat and tidy
Assiduous; Hardworking
To be opportunistic; to pull a fast one
To be crestfallen; dejected; dispirited; to hang one's head down

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