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QUIZ: Can you name the Chinese Chengyu's (成语) ?

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English DefinitionChengyu Pinyin
To fish a needle from the sea; a needle in a haystack
Mutual dependency of neighboring countries when confronted with a powerful and aggressive enemy; lit. without the lips, the teeth feel the cold
No room to advance or to retreat; without any way out of a dilemma
To be bold and decisive; lit. big knife broad ax
To be caught off one's guard
To see profit and forget morality; to act from mercenary considerations
Give up halfway ; leave something unfinished
With keen interest; eagerly; with pleasure
To indulge in flights of fancy; to let one's imagination run wild
To overrate one's own abilities
English DefinitionChengyu Pinyin
Love ease and hate work
Loot a burning house ; to profit from somebody's misfortune
Get dizzy with success; have one's head turned by success
Understood by everyone; well known; a household name
Incurable ; incorrigible ; beyond cure ; hopeless
To like something so much that one cannot bear to put it down.
To ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous; to overdo it; lit. draw legs on a snake
Spare no pains (or effort) ; do one's utmost
Dash ahead regardless of one's safety
Each has his strong points

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