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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Adriana Caselotti 
Roy Atwell/Eddie Collins/Pinto Colvig/Billy Gilbert/Otis HarlanScotty Mattraw 
Harry Stockwell 
Lucille La Verne 
Dickie Jones 
Christian Rub 
Cliff Edwards 
Evelyn Venable 
Walt Disney 
The Unvoiced Protagonist 
Edward Brophy 
Donnie Dunagan/Hardie Albright/John Sutherland 
Peter Behn/Tim Davis/Sam Edwards 
Stan Alexander/Tim Davis/Sterling Holloway 
Cammie King Conlon/Ann Gillis 
Saludos Amigos
Clarence Nash 
Pinto Colvig 
José Oliveira 
Three Caballeros
Joaquin Garay 
Make Mine Music
A Boy Who Hunts a Wolf 
Fun and Fancy Free
Unicycle Bear Who Falls in Love 
Girlfriend of the Unicycle Bear 
Melody Time
Dennis Day Plants Trees Across the Contry 
A Boat 
Cowboy Extraordinaire 
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
In the Title 
Eric Blore is in the Title 
Ilene Woods 
William Phipps 
Eleanor Audley 
Verna Felton 
Jimmy MacDonald 
Alice in Wonderland
Kathryn Beaumont 
Ed Wynn 
Sterling Holloway 
Verna Felton 
Peter Pan
Bobby Driscoll 
Kathryn Beaumont 
Paul Collins 
Tommy Luske 
Later to be Voiced by Mae Whitman 
Hans Conried 
Lady and the Tramp
Barbara Luddy 
Larry Roberts 
Sleeping Beauty
Mary Costa 
Bill Shirley 
Eleanor Audley 
Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen, and Barbara Luddy 
One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Rod Taylor 
Cate Bauer 
Ben Wright 
Lisa Davis 
Betty Lou Gerson 
The Sword in the Stone
Rickie Sorensen, Richard Reitherman, and Robert Reitherman 
Karl Swenson 
The Jungle Book
Bruce Reitherman 
Phil Harris 
Sebastian Cabot 
Sterling Holloway 
The Aristocats
Eva Gabor 
Phil Harris 
Dean Clark 
Liz English 
Gary Dubin 
Roddy Maude-Roxby 
Robin Hood
Brian Bedford 
Phil Harris 
Peter Ustinov 
Monica Evans 
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Sterling Holloway 
John Fiedler 
Paul Winchell 
Junius Matthews 
Barbara Luddy and Clint Howard 
Ralph Wright 
Hal Smith 
Bruce Reitherman, Jon Walmsley, and Timothy Turner 
The Rescuers
Bob Newhart 
Eva Gabor 
John Candy 
Geraldine Page 
Michelle Stacy 
The Fox and the Hound
Mickey Rooney and Keith Coogan 
Kurt Russell and Corey Feldman 
The Black Cauldron
Grant Bardsley 
Susan Sheridan 
John Byner 
The Great Mouse Detective
Barrie Ingham 
Val Bettin 
Susanne Pollatschek 
Vincent Price 
Oliver and Company
Joey Lawrence 
Billy Joel 
Dom DeLuise 
The Little Mermaid
Jodi Benson 
Christopher Daniel Barnes 
Jason Marin 
Samuel E. Wright 
Pat Carroll 
The Rescuers 2: Down Under
Tristan Rogers 
Adam Ryen 
George C. Scott 
Beauty and the Beast
Paige O'Hara 
Robby Benson 
Angela Lansbury 
Jerry Orbach 
Richard White 
Scott Weinger 
Linda Larkin 
Robin Williams 
Jonathan Freeman 
The Lion King
Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas 
Moira Kelly and Niketa Calame 
Nathan Lane 
Ernie Sabella 
Jeremy Irons 
Irene Bedard 
Mel Gibson 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Tom Hulce  
Demi Moore 
Tony Jay 
Tate Donovan 
No Voice 
Susan Egan 
James Woods 
Ming-Na Wen 
Eddie Murphy 
BD Wong 
Tony Goldwyn 
Minnie Driver 
Rosie O'Donnell 
Wayne Knight 
Glenn Close 
Brian Blessed 
Fantasia 2000
Russi Taylor 
D. B. Sweeney 
Alfre Woodard 
Julianna Margulies 
Samuel E. Wright 
The Emperor's New Groove
David Spade 
John Goodman 
Eartha Kitt 
Patrick Warburton 
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Michael J. Fox 
Cree Summer 
Lilo & Stitch
Daveigh Chase 
Chris Sanders 
Tia Carrere 
David Ogden Stiers 
Kevin McDonald 
Treasure Planet
Joseph Gordon-Levitt 
Brian Murray 
David Hyde Pierce 
Emma Thompson 
Martin Short 
Dane A. Davis 
Brother Bear
Joaquin Phoenix 
Jeremy Suarez 
Jason Raize 
Home on the Range
Roseanne Barr 
Judi Dench 
Jennifer Tilly 
Cuba Gooding, Jr. 
Chicken Little
Zach Braff 
Steve Zahn 
Joan Cusack 
Garry Marshall 
Meet the Robinsons
Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry 
Wesley Singerman 
Steve Anderson 
Silent Evil Hat 
John Travolta 
Susie Essman 
Mark Walton 
Miley Cyrus 
The Princess and the Frog
Anika Noni Rose 
Bruno Campos 
Michael-Leon Wooley 
Jim Cummings 
Mandy Moore 
Zachary Levi 
Donna Murphy 
Winnie the Pooh
Huell Howser 
Wreck-It Ralph
John C. Reilly 
Jack McBrayer 
Sarah Silverman 
Jane Lynch 
Alan Tudyk 
Kristen Bell 
Idina Menzel 
Jonathan Groff 
Josh Gad 
No Voice 
Santino Fontana 
Big Hero 6
Ryan Potter 
Scott Adsit 
James Cromwell 
Ginnifer Goodwin 
Jason Bateman 
Idris Elba 
Jenny Slate 
Auli'i Cravalho 
Dwayne Johnson 
Rachel House 
Jemaine Clement 

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