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Can you name the Marvel Hero by their Secret Identities?

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Secret IdentitySuperheroRandom thing about superhero
Tony StarkRed and Gold Suit of Armour
Steve RogersIndestructible Shield
Bruce BannerSMASH!!!
Thor OdinsonWields the Mjolnir
James'Logan' HowlettWork those Metal Claws
Peter ParkerWebhead
Wade WilsonMerc with a mouth
T'ChallaLeader of Wakanda
Natasha RomanovaNamed after a Spider
Clint BartonMaster Archer
Henry'Hank'PymTiny as Heck
Secret IdentitySuperheroRandom thing about superhero
Janet van DyneAnother person tiny as heck
Pietro MaximoffAs speed as sound
Wanda MaximoffReality Changer
Scott SummersOptic Vision Dude
Jean GreyThe Last Stand
Henry 'Hank' MccoyBlue Furry Monster dont get mixed up with cookie monster
Charles XavierWheelchair man
Reed RichardsStretchy Man
Sue StormU Can't See This
Johnny StormOn fire
Ben GrimmIts Clobberin Time

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