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Forced Order
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'Help me!' 'No.'
'I get coal for Christmas every year...it's not even funny anymore.'
'...terrible plane crash. There were no survivors.'
'Ha, very funny.'
'Basically, there was a dead...beast here.'
'Wow that's rough.'
'Well you're lucky we were out here for business matters.'
'Wait, what's...what's that? Oh my God!'
'Jaime, I've got to go save that little girl!' 'You better.'
'I love chocolate!'
'Remember me? Chad? Cocky Chad? From the third movie?'
'Woah! Hannah's gone!'
'Very true, and--'
'See that I just made $200. C'mon, I'll show you some more games.'
'My name is Michael.'
'Go hug Cuba!'
'A death upon the sights.'
'Good news everyone. The poison was only temporary, so I'm back and ready for action!'
This...is...my show.'
'This party is ridiculous!'
'What is that?' 'That's an ugly human being is what that is.'
'We know everything about you Michael. We--'
'Well, I have an early morning tomorrow, so, have a good sleep.'

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