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Can you name the answers to these questions from the movie Snatch?

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What city Franky Four Fingers and his crew steal the diamond from?
During the opening diamond heist, what are the theives disguised as?
What is Boris the Blade's nickname?
What city does Cousin Avi live in?
What round is Mickey supposed to take a dive in?
What is the first word Bullet Tooth Tony says in the movie?
What unique weapon does Boris the Blade keep in a holster under his jacket?
What does Bullet Tooth Tony have the 6 bullets that hit him molded into?
How much money does Cousin Avi agree to pay Tony to find Frankie Four Fingers?
Bricktop says the best way to get rid of a body is to feed it to what?
How long does Bricktop give Vinny and Sol to acquire the diamond for him?
What is the name of Cousin Avi's colleague?
What does it say on the side of Vinny and Sol's handgun?
What does it say on the side of Bullet Tooth Tony's handgun?
When Turkish throws the milk out the window of the car, it hits the windshield of what kind of car?
When Boris the Blade is standing in the street with a bag on his head, he is struck by a car driven by who?
Who kills Bullet Tooth Tony?
Who is Tommy named after?
When questioned by the cops near the end, what does Torkish say he is doing at the gypsies campsite?
When asked by the cops what is in his car, what does Turkish say?
Who kills Boris the Blade?
Who kills Franky Four Fingers?
What is Mickey's last name?
Can you name one of Doug the Head's twin daughters?
What Madonna song is playing in the background when Bullet Tooth Tony is shot six times?
Can you name one of the two boxers that Tommy wants to initially replace Gorgeous George with?

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