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Forced Order
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What match must you win to earn a WWE/WHC title match at WM?Easy
Who won this match in 1997, 1998 and 2001?Easy
Who headlined the first 9 Wrestlemanias (as well as WMX8)?Easy
Name a commentator who has worked WrestlemaniaEasy
Name a championship that has changed hands at WrestlemaniaEasy
Wrestlemania is a 'Big 4' PPV. What are the other 3?Easy
What takes place the night before Wrestlemania?Easy
Name a country that Wrestlemania has taken place in?Easy
Who was undefeated at Wrestlemania from WM7 to WM30?Easy
What day does Wrestlemania normally take place?Easy
Where did Wrestlemania 22 take place?Medium
What was the WWE Championship main event at this show?Medium
What city hosted Wrestlemania 3 times?Medium
Which Hall of Famer's voice is famous for ring announcing Wrestlemania?Medium
Who returned at Wrestlemania VIII?Medium
Which two Wrestlemanias took place in Canada?Medium
What was the first Wrestlemania to be held outdoors?Medium
Name a former WCW talent who has appeared at WrestlemaniaMedium
Which Wrestlemania headliner and HOF'er was in the crowd at Wrestlemania VI?Medium
He won the first 'Money in the Bank' match at which event?Medium
Name one wrestler who has only main-evented Wrestlemania onceHard
Which Wrestlemania event has the lowest attendanceHard
Name a musical act who has played at Wrestlemania?Hard
Name a championship that has NOT changed hands at WrestlemaniaHard
Which families have performed at Wrestlemania over multiple generations?Hard
Which states have only hosted one Wrestlemania?Hard
Who has competed at the most Wrestlemanias?Hard
Followed by.....Hard
How many times has Wrestlemania used red, white and blue ring ropes?Hard
Who is a Wrestlemania competitor who has come from WWE developmental (FCW/OVW)?Hard

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