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Birth - DeathInventorWhat they invented
1736 - 1819Steam Engine
1754 - 1839Gas Lighting
1766 - 1843Waterproof Clothing
1811 - 70Chloroform
1811 - 83Paraffin
1812 - 78The Bicycle
1824 - 1907Thermodynamics and the Kelvin Temperature Scale
1840 - 1921Rubber Tyres
Birth - DeathInventorWhat they invented
1847 - 1922The Telephone
1881 - 1955Penicillin
1888 - 1946The Television and infra red night viewing
1892 - 1957Monorail
1893 - 1973Radar
1924 - Beta Blockers
1944 - Beta Blockers and cloned Dolly the Sheep

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