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First football team to win the 'world cup'?Only British teams existed at the time
North Atlantic?Organisation
Kofi Anan was the leader of which international body?He is African
At what rate is the Arctic ice cap shrinking?In percentage
What fraction of the graves in Northern France are marked simply as 'Known Only to God'?As a result in WW1
How many times can you fit Europe into Australia?Well it's obviously a number
What is the largest US State?All states included
What is the timezone for Britain called?Three letters
What country does Svalbard belong to?Think Scandinavia
How many times have Germany won the World Cup?Including West Germany
ClueAnswerClue 2
What is Sporcle's most played game?It's Geography
Who was the Republicans first ever unsuccessful presidential candidate?Before Lincoln
Hitler took power in Germany in which year?A few years previous to WW2
In which German city did Hitler attempt a military coup?'The Beer Hall Putsch'
How many Ministers for Magic are there in the Harry Potter series?Fudge - Shacklebolt
What is the former name of Turkey?It was really an empire, not Turkey as such
How many Presidents have left office, or died, before their term finished?Died in office, Assasinated or Resigned
Who is the longest servong British Prime Minister?1707-1728
Who was William Gladstone's main political rival?a Conservative/Tory
Which country only has one colour on their flag?Green

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