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Forced Order
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First in flight, NASCAR, Awkward white NCAA hoops players
First State, Referenced in Waynes World, Very small
Beaches, Entourage, 2Pac
Pueblos, Corn, Unimportant
Large Trucks, Obnoxious People, Big Things
Trees, Ducks and Beavers, Covered Wagon
Fargo. That's about it.
Diamond Mines, Whitewater Scandal, Hot Springs
Cars, Lakes, 0-16 teams
Potatoes, Sun Valley, Cold
Guidos, Smells Bad, Springsteen
Skiing, Drugs, Red Rocks
Peaches, Peanuts, Rome and Athens
Oranges, Clubs, Old People
Hillbillies, Coal Mines, 'Country Roads'
Wind, Kanye West, Capone
Prince, Snow, Nice People
Family Guy, Smallest State
Canyons, Tea, Deserts
Jazz, Lil' Wayne, Pistol Pete
Mormons, Salt, John Stockton
Golf, Gamecocks, 1st to secede from Union
Tetons, Cowboys, Not many people
Cheese, Badgers, Beer
Syrup, Cold, Trees
Rocky Top, Three 6 Mafia, Johnson City
Bad Newz Kennels, Tobacco, Many early presidents hail from here
Pearl Jam, Rain, Bald Eagles
Len Bias (RIP), Crabcakes and Football, The Wire
Reggie Miller, Car Race, Bobby Knight
Syrup, Prep Schools, Gets confused with NH
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Racism, Movie involving Reese Witherspoon
Corn, Tornadoes, Basketball
Minutemen, Sam Adams, Irish
Racism, Hotty Toddy, Tailgates
Battle of Little Bighorn, 'Big Sky', Helena
More Corn Fields, College Football,
Quakers, Green Man, Boyz II Men
Bone Thugz N' Harmony
Nelly, Branson, Arch
Resembles a pig in shape (sort of), More corn and farming, Close(ish) to Ohio
Volcano, Honeymoon, Ray Maluga
Dustbowl, Panhandle, New NBA team
Wildcats, Rick Pitino, Bluegrass
Phillips Exeter Academy, Gets confused with Vermont
WASPS, Small State, Joe Lieberman
Oil, Salmon, Totem Poles
Lounge Singers, Impromtu Weddings, Area 51
Boroughs, Carson Daly, Law and Order
Mt. Rushmore, Fishing(?), Mountains(?)

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