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Track and field eventsA
Has a jack and a ditchB
Can last up to 5 daysC
Bryan Clay won this event in BeijingD
Competitors require a horse to competeE
The sport of Torvill and DeanF
2016 will be first Olympics since 1904G
Often reffered to as a delta planeH
Played with a puckI
Martial artJ
Participant uses a double bladed pladdleK
1 of 3 Olympic sliding sportsL
Rock-craft is one of 3 areas of the sportM
Derived from basketballN
One of a family of navigation sportsO
Eric Strickland plays thisP
Illegal to attempt on US or UK roadsQ
National sport of FijiR
Played in the confines of 4 wallsS
Ball bounced off a trompoline like 'frame'T
Also called 'octopush'U
A 'double hit' is a common faultV
Elbows and knees must be exposedW
A form of 'Basque pelota'X
Recreational sailing or boatingY
Usually performed on a gentle slopeZ

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