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Can you name the Full Metal Alchemist Characters?

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What is another term for 'Human Transmutation'?
What is the name of the doctors killed during the Ishvalan Civil War?
Who killed Winry's parents?
Who created the Homunculi in Brotherhood?
Who does Greed inhabit in Brotherhood?
Who were the only Homunculi to die in the same episode?
Who did Ed and Al try to bring back to life?
Where is the Führer's Ouroboros tattoo located?
Who is Pride in FMA: Brotherhood?
Who is in charge of Briggs?
Who does Ed end up having kids with?
Who is Pinako?
What rank is Hughes promoted to when he dies?
What is mustangs lifelong dream?
Where did Hoenheim originally live?
What was Hoenheim before he met the thing in the flask?
Who is the Homunculus trapped with inside of Gluttony with Ed?

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