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Can you name the Figures of Greek Mythology?

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Libidinous; beware static electricityGod
Has a giant fish fork and lots of dolphin friendsGod
Has lots of moolah and lots of long-term guestsGod
Wants marital counseling, and spouse to use condomsGoddess
Gets first dibs on sacrificesGoddess
Most Obsessive Mother; no likey kidnappersGoddess
Let there be light, but beware the plagueGod
Precocious midwife, both protects and hunts BambiGoddess
World's Best Liar at one day oldGod
Daddy's girl; favors peace but will beat up belligerent half-brotherGoddess
Blood and gore love him; unfortunately, Mom and Dad don'tGod
Pretty fluff; occasionally plays matchmakerGoddess
Clever, but not good-looking; invented robotsGod
Twice-born, not fond of pirates but likes grapesGod
Likes flowers and fruit, perhaps a bit too muchGoddess
Terrible father; enjoys raw infantTitan
Friend of man; gods and eagles, not so muchTitan
Big burden; on the other hand, has statue in Rockefeller PlazaTitan
Six is the magic number; must find rock and blanketsTitaness
Nine nights of love; has gorgeous hair and great memoryTitaness
Big Mama; champion of parthenogenesisPrimordial Deity
Bad dad; literally lost his man-pridePrimordial Deity
Rainbows are prettyGoddess
Laid off from her job so Daddy could hire GanymedeGoddess
Don't panic, they're just goat legsGod
Bigbigbig muscleman; wears lion skinHero
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the river of hateUnderworldian
Three cans of Alpo, maybe some cake, tooUnderworldian Monster
Mirrors and invisible hats are my best friendHero
Didn't Hades tell you? DON'T LOOK BACKHero
Whatever you do, don't open that boxMortal-ish
I can bring the dead back to life. No, they are not zombiesDemigod, some say he was deified
Golden touch; ass' earsMortal
Killed his son and tried to serve him to the gods, eternally tantalizedMortal
Cheated death (for a while), pushes rock up hillMortal
Tried to fly up to Olympus - should've brought a parachuteHero
Beat the Sphinx, married his mother, blinded himselfHero
Suitors had to beat her in race or lose their head - literallyHeroine
Complete wimp, stole a man's wife, and has a city named after himMortal
Noblest Trojan; shouldn't have killed Achilles' buddyHero
More important to Romans as their founderHero
Dressed up as a girl before going to Trojan WarHero
His brainchild was the Trojan Horse, his legacy is a wordHero
Trojan War, went mad and killed a bunch of cattleHero
Killed her husband with an axeMortal
Most faithful wife in history of mythologyMortal
Most unfaithful wife in history of mythologyDemigod(dess)
Fourteen lovely children; unfortunately, pissed off LetoMortal
Fell in love, saved guy from maze, guy dumped herMortal
Only one of the greatest inventors of all time (take that, Edison)Mortal
Achilles fell in love the moment he killed her...sad...Amazon
Humped a cloud, now spins eternally on a flaming wheelMortal
No one listens to me! 'I'm sorry, did you say something?'Mortal
Has a thing for bulls (like, seriously, she loves them)Demigod(dess)
Besties with Artemis; has big ol' constellation and a dogHero
Lots and lots of eyes; unfortunately, fell asleep on the jobMonster
Men are pigsGoddess Witch
Dragons pull her chariot; makes excellent sunblockMortal Witch
Has a very big...thing...down there...God
Itsy bitsy spiderMortal

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