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Forced Order
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How many times do you want to die? How many ways do you want to die?Silversun Pickups
We are vagabonds. We travel without seatbelts on. We live this close to death.The Decemberists
If you swear that there's no truth, and who cares, how come you say it like you're right?Bright Eyes
Here's the moral to the story, never do it for the glory, never do it for the money, never do it for the fame.Cage The Elephant
The water is warm, but it sends to me shivers.MGMT
Everything that keeps me together is falling apart. I've got this thing that I consider my only art of f*cking people over.Modest Mouse
I swear to shake it up if you swear to listen.Panic! At The Disco
I wanna change your mind. I wanna set it right this time.Spoon
If you want me back, you're gonna have to ask nicer than that.The Used
She says live up to your first impression. Well, my best side was your worst invention. Why can't you live without the attention?Taking Back Sunday
What could you be doing that is so much fun without me by your side, without me by your side?The Early November
I remember when the world was created. God's plan was good, but His vision was jaded.The Dedringers/Deadringers
Heaven's not a place that you go when you die, it's that moment in life when you actually feel alive.The Spill Canvas/Spill Canvas
You know that you are not alone. I need you like I need water in my lungsBrand New
See her standing there. She's gentle now, and takes great care. See her standing thereThe Black Keys

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