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QUIZ: Can you name the bands who took their names from film titles?

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Song TitlesBand NameFilm Year and Stars
'More Human Than Human', 'I'm Your Boogieman'1932; Béla Lugosi, Madge Bellamy
'Dust Cake Boy', 'Bruise Violet'1934; Laurel & Hardy
'In the Clouds', 'Martha's Harbour'1950; Bette Davis, Anne Baxter
'Sweets for My Sweet', 'Needles & Pins'1956; John Wayne, Natalie Wood
'She Drives Me Crazy', 'Good Thing'1960; Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood
'Horror Business', 'Dig Up Her Bones'1961; Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable
'War Pigs', 'Iron Man'1963; Boris Karloff, Michèle Mercier
'Big in Japan', 'Forever Young'1965; Anna Karina, Eddie Constantine
'Touch Me I'm Sick', 'Hate the Police'1965; Hal Hopper, Antoinette Christiani
'My Sharona', 'Good Girls Don't'1965; Rita Tushingham, Michael Crawford
'New Rose', 'Smash it Up'1969; Dirk Bogarde, Ingrid Thulin
'Birdhouse in Your Soul', 'The Statue Got Me High'1971; George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward
Song TitlesBand NameFilm Year and Stars
'Bodies', 'Feel Like I Do'1975; Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward
'Dead Flag Blues', 'Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven'1976; Mitsuo Yanagimachi (dir.)
'Motorslug', 'Stumbo'1979; Brad Dourif; Harry Dean Stanton
'You Made Me Realise', 'Only Shallow'1981; Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier
'Serious Drugs', 'We're Gonna Shake You Down'1983; Nicole Kidman, Bryan Marshall
'Hit or Miss', 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'1986; Tom Waits, John Lurie
'Higher Than Reason', 'Solved'1989; Adrienne Shelly, Robert Burke
'Alive With the Glory of Love', 'Hate Everyone'1989; John Cusack, Ione Skye
'This is My Hollywood', 'Copper Girl'1994; Irène Jacob, Jean-Louis Trintignant
'Boy Soprano', 'Dear God, I Hate Myself'1998; Joan Chen (dir.), Xiaolu Li
'Wondering', 'Tired of England'2003; Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou
'Escape', 'Dead Throne'2006; Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway

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