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Who plays Spiderman in the MCU?
Who serves as a mentor to Peter?
What school dance does Peter ask Liz to go to?
What film did he make his first performance?
What does Peter's suit want to equip for his 'Combat Mode'?
What masks were the bank robbers wearing during Spiderman: Homecoming?
What does Ned say he is looking up in order to hide the fact that he was helping Peter?
What is the name of Spiderman's 'Suit Lady'?
What is the name of the Vulture tech guy?
What color are the Vulture's eyes(on the helmet)?
Who makes an appearance at the press conference meant for Peter?
What does Aaron Davis say that he has in the trunk of his car?
What is does Ned come to Peters house to build?
Who is Liz's dad?
What song plays during the credits of Spiderman Homecoming?
Director of Spiderman Homecoming?
What Avenger makes an appearance on the TV screen talking about detention?
Who does Peter fight in the bus yard at the High School?
What relative does Aaron Davis say he has that lives in town?
What does Mac Gargan have tattooed on his neck?
Who would of been in the room next to Peter's had he taken the offer from Tony to become an Avenger?
Who is the Prowler?
Who does Peter give the infinity gauntlet to after being curled up with it in wreckage?
What acronym is used for the sunglasses Peter was given in Far From Home?
What is Quentin Beck's 'super' name?
What are the 4 monsters that control the elements called in Spiderman: Far From Home?
Who is driving the bus Peter is on in Avengers: Infinity War?
What is MJ's real name?
Who does Ned end up dating on the school trip in Spiderman: Far From Home?
What Elemental attacks the public while Mysterio and Spiderman try to defeat him?
What does Mysterio say to Nick Fury and Maria Hill when Sandman appears?
What race of being do Maria Hill and Nick Fury turn out to be?
Who appears on the screen, verbally bashing Spiderman in the post credit scene of Spiderman: Far From Home?
What is the main color of the suit Nick Fury gives Peter?
What color is Mysterio's cape?
What spot on Peter's body does Peter say is too tight in the Stealth Suit?
Who else is on the Pegasus with Peter during Avengers: Endgame?
What does Peter say that the Iron Spider Suit smells like in Avengers: Infinity War?
What is the snap referred to in Spiderman: Far From Home?
Who has a romantic interest with Aunt May in Far From Home?
Name one of the in-flight video titles from Far From Home?
What does Ned say Peter is allergic to in order to get him closer to MJ?
What necklace does Peter get for MJ in Far From Home?
Which of Peter's classmates live streamed throughout Far From Home?
What did Tony call Quentin's tech in the flashback scene to Civil War?
What are Betty and Ned trapped on while Molten Man attacked?
Who is Betty Brant's co star on the Midtown Tech Student News?
What is the mascot of Midtown Tech High School?
Where does Peter end up after getting hit by the bullet train in Far From Home?
Who plays Mysterio in Spiderman: Far From Home?

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