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Can You Name All The Spawn Villains?2014
A religious man who knows a lot about more about the war between Heaven and Hell than he lets on
This person was transformed after being killed when stumbling upon a bag of necroplasm
Spawns former mentor who betrayed him
A new archtype of Spawn said to have equal power to the devil himself
An Assasin who works for Al Simmons former boss
A very competative Hellspawn slayer
Heavens answer to the Hellspawn
One of Spawns oldest enemies, has a taste for human hearts
Numerous experiments created one of Spawns greatest foes and greatest allies
A dark god who has been imprisoned for millions of years
Part man, part gorilla combined with cybernetics
Very minor demons in the Spawn universe
Ruler of the Ninth Sphere of Hell
Can You Name All The Spawn Villains?2014
An angel bounty hunter
He is responsible for the creation of Spawn
Five demonic brothers from the Eighth Sphere of Hell
Put the hit on Al Simmons
Committed to an asylum with extreme mental illness
Literally Ripped Spawn apart in their first encounter
Ordered to murder Al Simmons
Described as the master of tortures
This killer goes by the alias Mr.Chill-ee
A mob enforcer for Tony Twist
The alter ego of Jake Jason Fitzgerald
The alter ego of Katie Fitzgerald

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