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June 27, 1970City Hall
July 12, 1970Imperial College
July 18, 1970Imperial College
July 25, 1970PJ's Club
July 31, 1970City Hall
August 23, 1970Imperial College
September 4, 1970Swiss Cottage Private School
October 16, 1970College of Estate Management
October 30, 1970College of Technology
October 31, 1970Cavern Club
November 14, 1970Ballspark College
December 5, 1970Shoreditch College
December 18, 1970College of Technology
December 19, 1970Congregational Church Hall
January 8, 1971Marquee Club
January 9, 1971Technical College
February 19, 1971Hornsey Town Hall
February 20, 1971Kingston Polytechnic
July 2, 1971Surrey College
July 11, 1971Imperial College
July 17, 1971The Gardens
July 19, 1971Rugby Club
July 24, 1971Young Farmers Club
July 29, 1971The Gardens
July 31, 1971City Hall
August 2, 1971Rugby Club
August 9, 1971Driftwood Spars
August 12, 1971Tregye Hotel
August 14, 1971NCO's Mess
August 17, 1971City Hall
August 21, 1971Carnon Downs Festival
October 6, 1971Imperial College
December 9, 1971Swimming Baths
December 31, 1971Rugby Club
January 28, 1972Bedford College
March 10, 1972Kings College Hospital Medical School
March 24, 1972Forest Hill Hospital
November 6, 1972Pheasantry Club
December 20, 1972Marquee Club
April 9, 1973Marquee Club
July 13, 1973Queen Mary College
September 13, 1973Golders Green Hippodrome
October 13, 1973Underground
October 14, 1973Le Blow Up
October 20, 1973Paris Theatre
October 26, 1973Imperial College
November 2, 1973Imperial College
November 12, 1973Town Hall
November 13, 1973St Georges
November 15, 1973Gaumont
November 16, 1973Lancaster University
November 17, 1973Liverpool Stadium
November 18, 1973Victoria Hall
November 19, 1973Civic Hall
November 20, 1973New Theatre
November 21, 1973Guildhall
November 22, 1973City Hall
November 23, 1973Apollo Theatre
November 25, 1973Caley Cinema
November 26, 1973Opera House
November 27, 1973Town Hall
November 28, 1973Brangwyn Hall
November 29, 1973Colston Hall
November 30, 1973Winter Gardens
December 1, 1973Kursaal
December 2, 1973Central Hall
December 6, 1973Cheltenham College
December 7, 1973Shaftesbury Hall
December 8, 1973Liverpool University
December 14, 1973 (afternoon and evening shows)Hammersmith Odeon

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