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Forced Order
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Literally 'blank slate'; philosophical argument for nurture vs. nature, (put forth by the next answer...)
17th century English philosopher
2001 Nicole Kidman horror film
The answer to life, the universe, and everything, according to Douglas Adams
1961 satirical novel by Joseph Heller
Johnny Cash's nickname
Lewis Carroll sequel to 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'
Mechanical automobile component for transmitting torque and rotation
1933 science fiction work by H.G. Wells
Indian spiritual term for 'righteous duty' or 'virtuous path'
American-born spiritual guru, now called Ram Dass
Alternate title for The Police's 1979 hit 'Message in a Bottle'
1993 Kevin Kline political comedy
Northern Illinois area code
1947 John Steinbeck novella
Dorothy's uncle in The Wizard of Oz
type of limestone; nickname for the CBS building in New York
2007 Jim Carrey suspense thriller
1943 novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
1975 Bruce Springsteen album/song
19th century Russian revolutionary/anarchist
1610-1611 William Shakespeare play
Biblical ancestors of all of humanity
English weekly newsmagazine founded in 1843
Biblical book and CBS crime drama
Archie Comics character whose dog is named Hot Dog
Something rock band Disturbed could help you 'Get Down with'
Greek/Roman god of light, sun, truth, archery, and much more
2009 ABC science fiction serial drama
Poker slang for the indicator of who's dealing
Possibly Mark Twain's most famous character
Number of stitches on a baseball
Biblical patriarch who wrestled an angel
Christian novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
Many-headed serpent of Greek myth
Original winner of Survivor
1859 novel by Charles Dickens
Epistaxis, or nasal hemorrhage
1964 folk song about New Orleans popularized by The Animals
18th-19th century English utilitarianist/social reformer

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