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Can you name the Craig of the Creek Characters?

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Itch to Explore
Likes making maps 
Warrior girl 
No one knows what he will say 
Bernard’s girlfriend 
Likes Small Uncle 
Trading tree 
Your average dad 
What lurks in the poison ivy grove? 
You’re It
Play on handlebars 
In the 10 speeds 
In the 10 speeds 
Is he a father or a grandpa? 
He likes boats 
Likes anime 
Likes old tv show references 
Has a Viking helmet 
“My candy!” 
Likes the rules so much that he’s a jerk 
Has a slight love interest in Kelsey 
Jessica Goes to the Creek
All brain, no brawn 
All brawn, no brain 
The Final Book
Kelsey’s library friend 
Hates Kelsey 
Has a crush on J.P. 
Doesn’t like horses, but in the Horse Girls 
Likes to talk about horses 
“It’s not a comic book, it’s manga!” 
In the Ninja Kids 
In the Ninja Kids 
The kid who is too lazy to do his schoolwork 
Too Many Treasures
Has a bunch of randomness 
Enter the cannon space! 
Kelsey’s cool animal friend 
Wildernessa’s animal companion 
Sunday Clothes
J.P.’s older sister 
Leader of the sixth graders 
The Paintball Cousin 
Leader of the seventh graders 
Escape from Family Dinner
The kid who no one remembers 
Monster in the Garden
Grandma Williams 
Grandpa Williams 
The evil cat who lurks next door 
The Curse
Rebel witch 
Works at some breakfast place and is a witch 
Tabitha’s father 
Dog Decider
The dog who decides 
That girl who runs dog scams 
Walks dogs 
Just another dog girl 
Bring Out Your Beast
Cheats using the Beast Snare 
Lost in the Sewers
Rules the sewer kingdom 
The queen’s loyal servant 
Is useful for diving 
The Future is Cardboard
Carter’s (old) best friend 
The Brood
That trapped cicada 
Under the Overpass
Protecter of Herkleton Oaks (Craig’s side of the creek) 
The Invitation
Likes to cause drama 
The Invitation
Sends invitations for the other Tea Timers 
The Invitation
Eliza’s assistant 
Vulture’s Nest
Rock band 
Rock band 
Rock band 
Rock band 
Kelsey Quest
Elder Mark’s nemesis 
Ace of Squares
AKA T-Money 
Antagonist of Sour Candy Trials 
Doorway to Helen
The girl from another dimension 
A little TOO into science 
Leader of the science kids 
Doesn’t like Wren 
The Climb
Helps the Stump Kids get good at climbing 
Helps out with Rock Climbing 
Big Pinchy
The Kid from 3030
The kid who runs on music power 
Jextra Perrestrial
Laura’s best friend 
J.P.’s cat 
Jessica’s Trail
Likes Coconuttles 
Leader of the Honeysuckle Rangers 
Nicole’s hairstylist 
The Shortcut
The troll who likes riddle 
Who trades with the trader? 
Likes grandpa gambling 
Dibs Court
“Yeah, except I called dibs.” 
The Mystery of the Timekeeper
Keeps track of time 
Memories of Bobby
Holds important ceremonies 
The Other Side
The king who rules Hurkleton Mills 
King Xavier’s BFF 
Leader of the Cherry Blossoms 
Leader of the Acorn Knights 
Guards Herkleton Mills 
Council of the Creek
Bernard’s best friend 
Teenage friend 
Teenage friend 
Sparkle Cadet
The champion of positivity! 
Cousin of the Creek
Craig’s cousin 
Duane’s brother 
Aunt Williams 
Smarter than Bernard?!? 
Camper of the Run
The Camper on the Run 
Camper on the Run
Runs summer camp 
The Haunted Dollhouse
What horror lurks within? 
Creek Daycare
The Best Babysitter 
Weird toddler 
Always sleeping 
Looks like Small Uncle 
That other toddler 
Sleepover at J.P.’s
J.P.’s mom 
Ancients of the Creek
Founder’s Keep 
Founder’s Keep 
Founder’s Keep 
Secret in a Bottle
Holds the creek’s biggest secrets 
Into the Overpast
Old Green Poncho 
King Xavier’s older sister 
Queen Cheyanne’s BFF 
Beyond the Rapids
The next generation of children 
The Jinxening
The Other Side: The Tournament
Champion of the Water Lillies 
Champion of the Acorn Knights 
Champion of the Cherry Blossoms 
That other Cherry Blossom girl 
The Ground is Lava!
Has long hair 
Random girl 
Random boy 
Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-Mind
Leader of the bees 
Plush Kingdom
Leader of the Plush Kids 
Curious Plush Kid 
Brains of the Plush Kids 
Pencil Break Mania
Who runs the Pencil Break Mania? 
Trick or Creek
Urban Haunted Legend 
The kid who blew up Natthew 
Another Halloween kid 
Winter Break
King Xavier’s older brother 
Friend or Foe?
A big Slide the Ferret fan 

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