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Can you name a country in Europe that fits each description?

Quiz Updated Oct 4, 2016

Forced Order
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Name a country that...Country
...shares the island of St. Martin.
...has a capital city beginning with 'W' or 'Z'. the home country of a former UN secretary general.
...has all three of its largest cities on the coast. landlocked and at least 250 km away from a coastline.
...has a majority Muslim population.
...has a mountain over 4,000 meters tall.
...has a flag with a bird on it. a member of the European Free Trade Association
...borders countries that combined total at least 250 million people.
...has a capital city on the Danube River.
...contains one of the five tallest buildings in the European Union.
...had a fascist government after 1950.
...has an official language that's Uralic.
...contains part of the Pyrenees mountain range.
...uses the Euro and is not an EU member state.

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