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Stéphane and Céline
Animal on the Coat of Arms.
Animal on the $1 coin.
Slang for a hockey player who uses excessive force.
An adjective indicating quality or morality.
The resource that brought Western Canada to a hustle and bustle.
This grows on bread if it's past expiry date.
When a reptile needs to shed skin, it will do this.
Opposite of 'least'
A rolling stone will not gather this.
You can do this to whales at Marineland.
Belonging to the 19th Prime Minister
Short for everyone's choice of breakfast, lunch and coffee break.
Magazine that annually celebrates newsmakers
Popular choice for bathroom floors.
Where a store's money is kept.
Namesake of Rossini's overture
Bluish green
Elixir of X-Men has the power to do this.
Found in Toronto's 'Bata Shoe Museum'
The spool that fishing line goes in
Activist associated with the Métis.
30th largest German city
Doing this could have got you into Kingston Pen.
Just one example of our metric measurements.
Farm structures that you might find in Saskatchewan.
Singing alone
A sport that originated in Persia
11th US president, agreed to what is now the BC-WA border.
Music genre of Gordon Lightfoot.
Tined tool
The average Canadian spends 1,702 hours per year doing this
A person who is obsessively interested in a specified subject
To suggestively close one eye.
A bird has these.
William Lyon Mackenzie ____
To act in a considerate manner.
To tightly fasten something.
River____, a Calgary neighbourhood named for a meander in the Bow River.
Small orbs used in jewellery.
String, green, lima, jelly
Chrétien, Lesage ou Michaëlle
Rivers, Arc or Jett
Borrowed money
Fill a vehicle with cargo
____ Conrad Black, media magnate and sometimes Canadian
Knowledge and traditions traditionally passed orally.
Thomas ____, English lawyer and philosopher.
Latin for 'sea', part of national motto.
Canada has two varieties: Arctic and Snowshoe
Mata ____, exotic dancer-turned-WW1 spy
Latin for 'sea', part of national motto.
The victim of a con artist.
“____! The herald angels sing”
Quite difficult or quite solid
A group of cows.
Wayne Gretzky, Laura Secord, Billy Bishop or Frederick Banting
Nestlé chocolate bar
____ Arrow, a controversially discontinued fighter plane.

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