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I wanna get, wanna get, wanna get high
Make a love baby, just make a love
Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl
We doing our thang real big
Baby I'm sorry, we got the better
I like like this, I like like that, I like this, like that, yeah
Brand new person. A man? So **** off no more talk
Yo ma yo ma lova lova yo ma yo ma supa nova
Let me tell you something that you already know
Don't deny our r squared pi!
I wanna hug and kisses!
Yes sir, show we gonna make it rookie's time
Really wanna touch myself
Sing it daddy!
Dancing in the real life
My life, no life, without you ain't no life
This is for all my bad girls around the world, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know
Hey boy you make me feel like weak girl, don't worry baby now I'm falling love, with you
If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty
New York, Paris, Milano, Tokyo, London
Let me see how you gon treat me, I ain’t no easy
You’re the best ever come in my life
I'm addict. I'm addict. I'm addict
Mama, just let me be your lover
I don't wanna cry, please dry my eyes
Boy keeps me foolin’ in love, yeah you make me so blinded
I'm gonna knock you out!
Yo! No way, shout it out loud!
So cool, so right, just so tasty. We bring it fast forward, the fellows go crazy
Sometimes, you gotta be bold

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