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1942-43 battle considered a turning point of World War II
Middle name of Narnia author
Sweden's capital
Had a huge hit with 'We Built This City'
British PM 1935-37
BBC TV show where celebs show their fleet of foot
Often got his partner into 'Another fine mess'
Iron man's surname
Famous British GP Driver (never a world champ)
Clive King's fictional caveman
Premium strength Belgian beer
Steve Rubell's hedonistic NY nightclub
Gordon Sumner's musical moniker
80's American medical drama
Ground breaking American director who left Artificial Intelligence incomplete
Ungelded horse
Tax levied on legal documents
British Physicist and author of 'A Brief History of Time'
Moe, Curly and Larry
Rises from the floor in limestone caves
Canadian-American group who were 'Born to be Wild'
2007 film set in the fictional land of Stormhold
Classic English horse race run at Doncaster
Male deer
Youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin
Irish boyband member who died in mysterious circumstances in 2009
Surgical procedure that leaves humans unable to reproduce
Red and white manx cat, which was one half of a 90's cartoon duo
Surname of FBI agent who is aided by Hannibal Lecter in crime solving
Island and volcano located North-East of Sicily
Nickname of American wrestler Steve Anderson
London street, known for it's lenghth
University located in Silicon valley
Second major layer of Earth's atmosphere
Dame who was first female head of MI5
Famous South African anti-apartheid activist who died due to police brutality
Member of X-Men who can control the weather
British comedy set in a junkyard
Author who uses pen name Richard Bachman on occasion
River that forms the boundary between Earth and the underworld in Greek mythology

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