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Perk Effect Perk
In combat, this skill gives a +10% damage bonus to members of the opposite sex.
This skill gives +5 to both Science and Medicine and can be learned up to three
With general early-game combat relying on the use of small guns, getting this perk at least once is recommended as it adds +5 to the Small Guns and Repair skills.
From swinging bats to throwing fast balls, folks who enjoy a good game of baseball will find themselves able tohandle melee and thrown weapons with a little more proficiency than o
Learning this perk earns a +5 bonus to Lockpick and Sneak skillsMore often than not, taking things without anyone noticing may be the most peaceful solution especially when the oth
They say that experience is the best teacher, and if you are the type who learns pretty fast, logic dictates that you gain experience a lot faster than others. Learning this perk l
If you work hard enough, you can actually increase your SPECIAL attributes.
Unique dialog choices w/ children.
Learning this perk doubles the amount of skill points you earnwhen reading a book, which means an instant +2 bonus. We highly recommend getting this skill as fast as possible and
this perk adds 3 more skill points to distribute at each level up.
provides an additional 50% additional damage to insects and arachnids.
This perk provides +5 to both Speech and Barter skills.
You have trained your fists on a wide variety of elements and textures, from the freezing cold waters to hot sandy dunes, from the supple resistance of flesh to the rigid spikes of
turns all your critical kill shots into explosive moments of full-body dismemberment. It also makes all your attacks stronger by 5%.
Having this means that you get only half the amount of radiation when you take a drink
provides an additional +10% damage resistance, allowing you to fight a little harder when everyone else would already be cowering in a corner.
With this perk you will gain considerably more bottlecaps than a normalperson would.
gaining an additional 25% accuracy when using any one handed weapon
grants 20% more damage when it comes to mines and thrown explosives.
Learning this provides 25% more accuracy when using a two-handed weapon in any aiming mode; including VATS.
This perk shows that you have made that first step towards being able to change to the worlds state and provides you with a 25% deduction to the amount of radiation you receive fro
find more bullets to load your clips with.
Learning this perk grants +15 to the Big Guns skill.
you can now carry 50 more weight units than you originally can
neutral players with this perk receive a +30 point bonus to the Speech skill.
Creatures such as mole rats, bloat flies and even Yao Guai will cease to be hostile. Increasing this to rank two makes them fight for you when hostile humans or super mutants are p
You now have a bonus of +5% to your chance to make critical attacks
Having this perk lets you instantly and silently kill of any sleeping target.
It is said that he appears to those who needs him most. Having this perk allows you to encounter this mysterious ally when attacking in VATS.
Perk Effect Perk
you are able to unleash the beast inside you after you have taken more than 80% damage. In this rage of madness, you only take half damage and your strength stat is increased to m
This skill grants a +2 bonus to both Intelligence and Perception once the in-game time clocks in at 6 PM. The bonus lifts in the mornings at 6 AM.
all about instant gratification, allowing you to reach another level the moment you gain the perk.
Of course, all this obsessing has made you an expert in the field and any fire based weaponry in your hands is 50% more effective in terms of damage.
eating a corpse will grant 25 health free of rads.
provides an additional 30 HP to your max health
gives the ability to do 25% more damage to robot targets and a special ability if you manage to sneak up on one.
25% bonus to accuracy when aiming for the head.
additional 10 points to the sneak skill and by removing all penalties for moving fast or wearing heavy clothes or armor.
allows you to get more out of stimpaks as it grants an additional 20% more health than you would normally get.
doubles the duration of effect for any chem-items. Jet, Mentats, Buff-Out, Med-X, Psycho, Whiskey and other substances are covered by this perk
Collect ears or fingers of characters.
10% bonus to Damage Resistance, Radiation Resistance and Poison Resistance
This perk disables the effectiveness of all mines and traps against you, allowing you to worry a little less when moving around as you will no longer trigger them.
25% discount on any and all purchases
defense boost for all limbs that reduces any damage taken by half.
Skill allows you to specialize in a skill by adding another 15 points to it.
This perk is much recommended for any player as it makes critical hits even deadlier by adding 50% more damage whenever you successfully land a critical attack.
perk will give you a boost of 25 points to your max AP.
enjoy the full benefits of any chem and suffer only half the addictive qualities of it.
You are a master of lock picking! Forcing locks can cause damage to a dooror safe leaving it completely unable to be opened, but with your extensive knowledge of locks, you know wh
Computers have fail-safes: insert the wrong password more than three times and you get locked out. Thankfully, your intricate knowledge of how software works has allowed you to byp
With this perk, every shot you aim at a specific target part in VATS gains a cumulative +5% boost to accuracy.
This ability is permanently active and all your punches have the chance to completely paralyze and stun an enemy for 30 seconds.
During daytime (6AM to 6PM check the wait screen or Pip-boy to see the current time), those who have the solar powered perk gain +2 to the strength stat and will slowly regenerate
When attacking with a melee weapon it provides an additional 15% critical chance. Also, sneak attack criticals will deal an additional 25% more damage.
This is all about to change, with the vast number of casualties you have caused on your way to reaching level 20, death itself has taken pride in your efforts. Now, each time you s
open up your Pip-boy to reveal every single location in the world map view.

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