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What was the name of Laurel's ex-boyfriend?
Where did Connor say he worked when he first met Oliver?
Where did Annalise want to be shot?
In what episode is Emily Sinclair first seen in?
What is Bonnie's last name?
What was the manner of Sam Keating's death?
Who killed Lila?
Who did Annalise have an affair with?
What is the Oliver's apartment number?
Who accidentally threw Sam over the bannister?
Who does Asher kill by running them over with his car?
How many episode was Rebecca featured in?
What was the name of Michaela's fiancé?
What colour was Oliver's tie when he met Connor?
What is the name of the first client to appear on the show?
What film did Oliver rent?
What does Michaela lose during the disposal of Sam's body?
When Connor goes to Oliver's apartment to apologise, what is in the hands of the man that answers?
Where does Wes unintentionally end up in the episode 'She Hates Us'?
Which Christmas song did Connor start singing in Pilot?
Who does Annalise claim shot her?
What is Wes' favourite ice cream flavour?
Who killed Sam Keating?
What dog breed does Oliver have little statues of in his apartment?
What colours are in the hat that Connor gives Oliver?
What is Wes allergic to?
In which episode was it revealed that Bonnie's father sexually abused her?
What is/was the profession of Asher's father?
Who walks into Oliver's apartment in the episode 'Hi, I'm Philip'?
What is Annalise's last name?
What was the name of Lila Stangard's boyfriend?
What is Wes' full name?
Who killed Rebecca?
What was Laurel's name in the original script?
Name one of Wes' nicknames.
Apart from English, what other language does Laurel speak?
What is Sam's body wrapped in before it is burned?
What was the name of Nate Lahey's wife?
Who does Connor have sex with for information in the episode 'Let's Get to Scooping'?
In which episode does Frank reveal to Laurel that he killed Lila?

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