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Can you name the wrestler from the name of their finishing or signature manoeuvre?

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Signature/Finishing MoveWrestler
Black Hole Slam
Airplane Spin
Jungle Kick
Diss That Don't Miss
Air Africa
Polish Hammer
Coast to Coast
Pittsburgh Plunge
Axe Bomber
Backdrop Driver/Suplex
_____ Blockbuster
Whipper Snapper
Rocker Dropper
Sudanese Meat Cleaver
____ Crusher
The Pounce
Diamond Dust
Atomic Spinecrusher
That's Incredible!
Widow Maker
Lasso from El Paso
Body Breaker
WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)
Russian Sickle
Juvi Driver
Spinning Spinebuster
Cattle Mutilation
Caribbean Cannonball
Signature/Finishing MoveWrestler
Emerald Flowsion
Dead Level
Dream Street
Implant Buster
Iron Curtain
Pimp Drop
Border Toss
Cop/Gringo Killa
Atlantic City Avalanche
Swiss Death
Cryonic Kick
Instant Replay
Gorilla Press Drop
Larryland Dreamer
Acid Drop
Canadian Maple Leaf
Jawbreaker Lariat
Uncle Slam
White Russian Legsweep
Open ____ Surgery
FFG (Flying Firecrotch Guillotine)
Sliced Bread #2
Chicago Crab
Cozy Crush Dynamite
Old School Bomb
Pepsi Plunge
No Laughing Matter
Spiral Tap
Mic Check
Chart Buster
Signature/Finishing MoveWrestler
Golden Arm Bomber/Dangerous Uranage
SST (Severe Skull Trauma)
Barry White Driver
End of the Trail
Western Lariat
Ode to Blitzkrieg
Backfist to the Future
Burning Hammer
Texas Piledriver
Ghetto Stomp
Cradle Shock
Stock Market Crash
Phoenix DDT
Tongan Spike
Chaos Theory
_____ Conquest
Angel's Wings
Goodnight, Irene
Flux Capacitor
Last Chancery
Code Red
El Paso de la Muerte
Nail in the Coffin
Shining Wizard
Kenka Kick
FRH (Fiery Red Hand)
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Busaiku Knee Kick
Iron Claw
Knee Trembler
Buzzsaw Kick

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