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Which continent...ContinentStatistic
...has had the hottest ever recorded temperature?
...has the most universities in the Times Higher Education Top 100?
...has the lowest point on dry land?
...has the highest average altitude?
...has hosted the most modern Olympic Games?
...has the most countries where Christmas is not recognised as a national holiday?
...has the most officially English speaking countries?
...has the most countries with Antarctic claims?
...has the largest land area?
...exports the most coffee?
...covers the fewest time-zones?
...has the most nations with no standing army?
...has the most World Heritage Sites?
...has the smallest of the 'Seven Summits'?
...has the lowest average annual rainfall?
Which continent...ContinentStatistic
...has the most countries whose currency is the 'dollar'?
...has the highest GDP per capita (according to the IMF)?
...has the saltiest body of water on Earth?
...has the most countries with yellow on their flag?
...has had the fastest ever recorded windspeed?
...has the highest percentage Christian population?
...has the longest coastline?
...has won the most FIFA World Cup Titles?
...has the most different native animal species?
...has the most landlocked nations?
...has the highest domestic cat population?
...has the most OPEC member states?
...was the most recently discovered by the Western world?
...has the most nations without land borders?
...has the most Nobel Prize laureates?

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