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Who is the Youngest Winner?
Name one of the Members of the Four Horsemen in Fiji.
Who won the most immunity challenges in the Cook Islands?
Who was argueably the worst in challenges but still won the title of Sole Survivor?
Who is the Oldest Winner?
Who was the Youngest person to ever play Survivor?
Easy one: Who told the dead grandmother story?
In Samoa, who killed a rat surprising his/her tribe?
In Borneo, who refused to make alliances and was voted out in the same episode?
Name one of the people kicked out of the challenge in Thailand.
Which survivor had the most votes cast against him/her in a single season out of all the seasons?
Who did the tribe say was the 'poser' in Exile Island?
Who told him/her not to take everything so personally?
What did Gary Hogeboom tell his tribe his last name was?
In Vanuatu, who got blindsided since apparently they forgot 4 was more than 3?
Who didn't finish the Chinese ceremony because he/she thought it collided with his/her religion?
Who was a 'Froot Loop' according to Boston Rob?
With Survivor: Nicaragua ending, how many different winners are there now?
Which tribe in All-Stars could not complete their puzzle cube?
Which Survivor was a former pop singer and is married to a former NFL running back?
Which season had a challenge that was created by a fan?
Who did Rob Cesternino make his long distance dedication to Casey Kasem for?
Who found the fake hidden immunity idol made out of a stick?
Which Hero won individual immunity when both tribes had to go to tribal council?
Who did Randy and Corinne want to get rid of with the 'idol'?
Who was voted as the hottest guy in America's Tribal Council?
Who was going to stick with his/her original tribe until the pecking order was revealed in a challenge?
Who did Jeff seem the most disappointed in when he/she left?
Which villain threw his/her buff in the fire when eliminated?
Who was the first person ever to play a fake hidden immunity idol?
Name one of the seasons filmed in South America.
What year did Shambo start wearing her hair like it is?
Speaking of crazy hair, What did Denise say her job was at the reunion?
Who told Bob that if he gave up his immunity, he'd be blindsided?
How many representatives did Survivor: Africa have on All-Stars?
What was Jeff's least favorite season of Survivor?
What season did Jeff's favorite tribal council occur?
Who played the game 3 times and was voted out for the first time in Heroes vs. Villains?
Who had previous votes cast against him/her and got voted out after the merge?
Ending with an easy one: Which tribe lost every immunity challenge?

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