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Can you name the Degrassi Junior High characters?

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Pat MastroianniFedora
Stefan BrogrenTall
Neil HopeParents died
Dan WoodsFirst principal on Next Generation
Stacie MistysynEnvironmentalist
Duncan WaughNerd
Angela DeiseachTwin
Maureen DeiseachTwin
Anais GranofskyStole clothes
Siluck SaysanasyBest friend of nerd
Sara BallingallLiked Snake
Irene CourakosGreek girl
Amanda SteptoPregnant
Rebecca HainesStuck Up and closed minded
Michelle GoodeveTeacher
Michael Carryactor
Cathy KeenanSpike's best friend
Maureen McKayher parents were racist
Dayo Adeblack guy
Billy ParrottEmma's father
Amanda Cookeathletic girl
Nicole StoffmanAll the way with_____!
Niki Kemenyformer best friend of school president
Kirsten BourneNoticed the fire first
Christopher CharlesworthAlso noticed the fire
Arlene Lottsecond school president
Jacy Hunter and Sara Holmesthe blonde 'babes'

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